What is Microsoft Project xCloud? How do I play? How much does it cost?

What is Microsoft Project xCloud?

What is Microsoft Project xCloud?

Project xCloud is a cloud gaming or game streaming service. Project xCloud, which was previously in preview from Microsoft, but now a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, allows you to play video games streamed to your Android device. Xbox Game Pass allows users to download games from the Game Pass library to their Xbox consoles and PCs, now allowing users to stream a subset of these games to their Android devices.

The Project xCloud platform offers a console in the cloud for Android devices. Project xCloud offers users access to the majority of games in the library offered with Game Pass subscriptions.

To get started with streaming games with Project xCloud to your Android device, as with all cloud gaming services, make sure you have a stable internet connection and the basic hardware required to play.

How do I play on Microsoft Project xCloud?

How do I play on the Project xCloud platform?

To get started with Xbox game streaming, first sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You need a compatible Xbox wireless controller with Bluetooth connected to a compatible Android device with the Xbox Game Streaming app downloaded from the Google Play store.

Once logged into the platform on your mobile device, search through the streaming-ready game library, which includes much of the Game Pass library, and launch to begin playing.

Microsoft recommends that you have stable internet speeds of 10 Mbps or greater to use the platform, which means you should be prepared to use 4-5 GB/hr at a minimum.

Project xCloud is currently only supported on Android mobile phones and tablets and is now available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers at no additional cost. The previous Project xCloud Preview window officially closed on September 11, 2020, readying for broad release under the Game Pass subscription.

How much does it cost to start using Microsoft Project xCloud?

How much does it cost?

Assuming you already own a compatible Android device, you will also need a recent compatible Xbox wireless controller. Microsoft currently offers a controller clip for mobile devices for $14.99. If you already subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, playing on the platform is free.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions are $14.99 per month. You can sign up for your first month of Game Pass Ultimate for $1.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud, along with the broader Game Pass offering, represents a unique entry in the cloud gaming ecosystem, eventually allowing users to download games to their PCs and Xbox consoles with streaming to their mobile devices from the cloud.


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